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How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

When developing a skincare routine, your skin type is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect to take into account. Oily, normal, combination, dry, and sensitive skin types are the five most common types, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

All people require the basic necessities, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF, but the ideal formulations for each kind of skin can differ significantly. So, if you want to create a routine that really works for you, it's essential to know where your skin sits on the skin type continuum. 

Here, you'll learn quick ways to determine your skin type at home, as well as some details on what makes each skin type distinctive and suggestions for taking care of your skin's particular requirements.

There are five basic types of skin:

Oily skin is distinguished by an excess of sebum, the skin's natural oil. This excessive oiliness can make the skin look glossy or greasy and is frequently accompanied by skin issues like blackheads and enlarged pores. People with oily skin may also be more prone to breakouts because clogged pores are their key cause.

Lack of oil causes dry skin. Severe dryness can cause the skin to crack, flake, or peel while making it appear dull or feel tight. Although they are commonly used interchangeably, dry skin and dehydrated skin are not the same things.

Combination skin is defined as skin that exhibits two or more distinguishing characteristics such as dryness and oiliness, /in various locations. Combination skin sufferers frequently have drier cheeks and an oilier T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).Sensitive skin is characterized by an increased sensitivity to stimuli, including some skincare products. Sensitivity levels can vary: Some people only feel moderate irritability when exposed to stress, while others frequently experience redness, itching, and discomfort.

Normal skin is defined as having a healthy balance and showing no enduring skin problems.

Regardless of your type of skin, you need to follow some simple tips to safeguard its health and sport a radiant look.

  1. Only use broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin from UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight. Put on protective apparel, such as caps and sunglasses.
  3. Make sure you are drinking enough water.
  4. Always wash your skin lightly. Avoid using excessive amounts of makeup and products with harsh ingredients.
  5. Regularly moisturize your skin.

Regular moisturizing will make your skin hydrated and stop it from producing excess sebum. It's crucial to get the correct moisturizer. It is advisable to use a lightweight lotion-based moisturizer.

Allantoin lotion by Florozone:

Florozone Allantoin Cream

Deeply penetrates the skin to calm, revive, soften, heal, and stop drying. The soothing, long-lasting, deeply penetrating lotion also contains vitamin E, healing enzymes, and a strong allantoin blend.

This unique wonderfully perfumed product provides mild sun protection and keeps skin soft and supple. Florozone allantoin is an anti-inflammatory cream that gives therapy for many skin conditions as allantoin works as an antioxidant, promoting new cells, and shedding dead skin cells, helping to give skin that young look.

Honey and almond lotion by Florozone

It aids in revealing hydrated, silky skin. This product includes honey and nutritious oils from almonds, macadamia, and wheat germ, which are proven to deeply hydrate skin and combat dryness. It is laced with allantoin, a chemical known to calm skin and aid in exfoliation.

Scars, dark patches, dryness, and skin inflammation can all be treated with wheat germ oil. Use allantoin to exfoliate dead skin cells and soothe skin.

In order to keep your skin hydrated for a longer amount of time, use macadamia oil.

With cocoa butter and shea butter, Florozone Deep Moisturizing Lotion:

To combat dryness and itching and expose silky, smooth skin, the product is enriched with a blend of cocoa butter and shea butter. contains allantoin, which is believed to soothe skin and help remove dead skin cells.

How to Apply:

Apply a few drops of lotion on your palm (add some extra if you have particularly dry skin or on rougher areas such as elbows and knees).

To warm the lotion, rub your palms together.

Apply the lotion to your body by massaging it in with your hands in small circular strokes.

Allantoin cream Florozone

Deep skin penetration allows Florozone Allantoin Cream to heal, soften, restore, soothe, and prevent dryness. The calming, long-lasting, and deeply penetrating cream is enhanced with reparative enzymes, Vitamin E, and a potent allantoin combination.

For our skin to work correctly and have the finest appearance, it is essential to take the required steps to recognise its needs as those needs vary over time. Knowing your skin is essential for choosing the right products to use on it and for addressing problems like acne and dark spots. Develop a skincare routine that is appropriate for your skin by taking your time.